Voir Haircare

July 13, 2017

When it comes to my hair care routine, I always love to experiment.  Whether it’s a new beauty product or beauty tool, at least one try is always worth a shot.  I enjoy styling, colouring and trying new things when it comes to my hair so it is no surprise I was excited to try  new Canadian hair care brand, Voir.  Voir Haircare is a premium hair care brand, who uses natural ingredients, and best of all wants to inspire your beauty routine through art.  Not only is their packaging beautiful but the product is ever so gentle on your hair.  I have been trying these products for a couple of weeks now and had to share my results with you!

She’s like the Wind- Invisible dry Shampoo and Conditioner: I was pleasantly surprised to not find this product was not a liquid.  With a pump, a soft powder came out.  I spread it on my roots like I typically do when it comes to a dry shampoo.  I did find it sucked up some of that oily moisture I get yet it was not as strong as others I have used.  However, I loved that it did not leave my hair with that gritty feeling other dry shampoos do.  Rather my hair was silky smooth.

Rhythm of the Rain- Hair Masque & Scalp Detox: This product left my hair feeling oh-so-smooth!  I love a good detox or hair masque and really this was the perfect two in one.  The amount of product I had to use for the results was very little as well–a little goes a long way.  I’m sure this product will be a long lasting one.

Voir is definitely a new brand to try and why not now! Save 15% off all products until July 26 with code SAREBELLAMY15. I can’t wait to add more of their products to my hair care routine!


#SareSaysYesHotelSK x The Venue Tour

July 11, 2017


Welcome to a little preview of my very own wedding journey series, Tie the Knot Tuesday. On the first Tuesday of every month (starting in August, the closest Tuesday that is one year from our wedding date) I will be sharing a piece of our wedding journey on the blog. Today’s story is a bit of a sneak peak. Be sure to stay tuned to my Instagram too as I’ll be sharing lots of wedding inspiration throughout the months.

Trying to decided on a location for our upcoming wedding was anything but easy. I had always had a vision for my wedding day but when it came to implementing it, I felt like a bit of an overwhelmed mess. Finding a venue that had everything I wanted I thought would be impossible, list being an elegant space, great location, friendly staff and tasty food.

Kyle and I were venue shopping for awhile. We even brought up the idea of destination wedding (partly because I was ready to quit this wedding planning and elope). One night we decided to stop my Hotel SK for a drink. Neither of us has been there since the completion of the renovations.

Walking into the bright space with stunning old yet elegant details, I swear I got shivers.  It was the perfect gem right downtown in the city we love to call home. It didn’t take long before we knew we were sure where we wanted to celebrate our love story.

This entire property is truly like nothing else!  Every little detail has been thought out with purpose.  The light colours, beautiful gold accents and of course gorgeous crystal chandelier elements make the property truly eye catching. And the park views of downtown truly make you stop and stare for a moment. This is truly one elegant space where I can’t wait to celebrate the marriage to my best friend.



July 6, 2017

Fun printed socks are completely on trend.  We’ve moved so far away from that 6 pack of white socks that we used to buy at Costco.  Because lets be honest, no one wants their look to be boring!  We have been seeing both men and women wear socks from work wear to street wear.  Show them off in sandals or wear them more subdued with a closed shoe, there are truly no restrictions on how you wear socks.  Bright colours, fun prints and pieces that make a statement…#thisisyosox!  A Canadian company, Yo Sox, is top notch when it comes to the sock game.  Whether for the ladies or men, they have a colour, style and print for everyone.  Not only do I have a real love for them because of their fun factors mentioned previously, they are also completely comfy.  And I bet you they stand up better to any other socks you have (I’ve had a few pairs for years now and they are still going strong).  Whether you choose to go with a sock that is more subtle or quite bold, a pair of Yo Sox is sure to take your look to the next level.





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