Halloween Party Collaboration

October 27, 2016


With halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start making plans.  But after the age of about 21, halloween festivities became a lot less appealing to me.  I don’t have children and dressing up in a scandalous costume is not appealing to me.  That’s when the super sweet blogger Jenna Kress of Naked Face Nutrition and I got together to brainstorm…how could we make Halloween fun again?  With our love for DIY costumes, Jenna’s expertise in tasty recipes and my love for decorating/entertainment, we collaborated to create a cute little party setting for you and your friends to celebrate halloween.

When it comes to decorating for a party, the list and cost of decorations can really add up fast!  I wanted to create something that could be done on a budget yet still look great.  I used a piece of fabric I had for the table cloth.  Adding some cobweb-like material on one end definetly gave the table more of Halloween appeal.  And of course there needed to be some balloons!  Balloons are a great way to decorate and really fill the space without being super costly.  Choosing a catchy phrase such as ‘boo’ as the statement to the sweets table is totally eye-catching.  Mason jars, black and white plates and bowls are always a classic, no matter the party theme.  Using serving pieces that I already had cut back on a pricy budget.  However, I did go out to find some cute halloween inspired cake trays.  They are a lot of fun!

For my costume, it was an easy choice to pick something whimsical — a unicorn.  This costume was super easy to create as I already had all of the clothing.  What I purchased was purple hair chalk (so fun for temporary colour), star garland I used in both my hair and as a belt to create a mystical feel and a glitter gold foam sheet.  I glued a piece of the foam sheet into a cone to create the unicorn horn.  The overall costume took very little time to construct–perfect to have me halloween party ready without the fuss.

Get the details on Jenna’s super food costume here.

Jenna created a tasty food and beverage spread suited perfectly for a halloween gathering.  Find out how she created these tasty treats here.

Well, it’s time to get crafting!  Happy Halloween!