Weekend Road Trip in the Ford Explorer

July 8, 2018

Sweet summer heat and hitting the road on another adventure–two of my favourite things that go hand in hand. Usually my summer road trips consist of heading out west to the mountains but last weekend for Canada Day long weekend, Kyle and I decided to switch things up and head to Winnipeg. A city that quite honestly is a cute little gem (with the most tasty food) only 6 hours from Regina was a sweet little escape before the few weekends of planning and coordinating we have left until our July wedding.

Hitting the road for multiple hours, it became obvious quick that our vehicle would end up being somewhat of a temporary home for the next few days. We had the privilege to take a Ford Explorer as our transportation of choice for the weekend. And let me tell you, it was one amazing ride for our adventure (but more on that later)! While in Winnipeg we tried to fit in the most we could in our short time there. 3 of our favourite stops included the following…

1. Favourite Spot to Relax: Thermea

This Nordic themed spa was the perfect end to our trip. A variety of sauna, steam rooms and pools helped us de-stress and feeling rejuvenated for the week ahead.

2. Favourite Dinner Spot: La Carnita

I’d been to La Carnita while living in Toronto but I had honestly forgot how much I loved it. They had lots of interesting options for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. Set in an old bank, the space was super neat too.

3. Favourite Adventure Spot: The Forks

We spent our Canada day at The Forks. Lots of vendors, food places and a great view over the water was the perfect way to spend the day. We did wander a bit in the area but I feel as though there was still so much to explore.

So how does fashion tie into our weekend with the Ford Explorer?  Well, when it comes to my style, there are a few things I always like to keep in mind–it the garment stylish and is it comfortable. These qualities remain true even more so when choosing a vehicle. The Ford Explorer design is beautifully crafted. Double sunroofs, the perfect pearl coloured exterior and sleek console system. One thing I can’t stop raving about (and seriously miss now that I’m back in my own vehicle) the comfort and safety level in this thing. I loved the many safety assist features this vehicle provided when changing lanes and slowing down when getting to close to a vehicle driving on cruise control.  On another note, the three rows of seats was great! It was just Kyle and I and very little luggage on the way there but after stopping at IKEA, you know we needed the trunk room. The back rows so easily folded with the click of a button. It was so nice not fiddling with leavers trying to get the seats to go down. I’m definitely going to miss this vehicle on our next road trip…but it’s sure to be at the top of my wish list when thinking about my next vehicle purchase.