3 Reasons a Teddy Coat is a Winter Must

November 27, 2018

As soon as the snow hits, it’s cuddling up in winter cozies for me. So obviously I’m all about the teddy coat trend. What could be more snuggly then cuddling up in basically a giant teddy bear? The following are 3 reasons I think a teddy coat is a must in everyone’s wardrobe this winter season.

  1. Teddy coats come in many styles and colours.  I’m a huge fan of keeping on trends but adapting the trends to work with my body type. This is one trend that allows exactly for that.
  2. They make a statement when paired with basics. Leggings, a tee, and a teddy coat make for a statement look without the fuss.
  3. Not that the name doesn’t already give it away, a teddy coat is the ultimate in coziness and warmth. What could be better on those cold winter days?





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