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Holiday Look x Face by Meagan

November 17, 2017

Amongst all of the holiday hustle and bustle there is not a lot of spare time for planning your holiday looks.  With a little makeup help from the lovely Meagan of Face by Meagan, I’ve put together a holiday look that is totally glam yet easily achievable.

For me, holiday looks are all about texture.  Velvet has always been a texture that reminded me of the holiday season.  Its richness is completely luxurious.  The heavier fabric is also nice for keeping you warm without a million layers.  I paired this navy velvet dress with a pop of faux fur and some glittery boots for added pizzaz (because you can never have too much of that around the holidays).  I chose dark, rich colours as the base of my outfit and a lighter coat for added contrast.

Meagan created this gorgeous makeup look which pairs perfectly with this outfit.  The soft eye completely compliments the bold red lip.  And what is more festive than a beautiful bold lip?

When it comes to creating a holiday look in a pinch, let rich colours and bold textures lead the way!


Voir Haircare

July 13, 2017

When it comes to my hair care routine, I always love to experiment.  Whether it’s a new beauty product or beauty tool, at least one try is always worth a shot.  I enjoy styling, colouring and trying new things when it comes to my hair so it is no surprise I was excited to try  new Canadian hair care brand, Voir.  Voir Haircare is a premium hair care brand, who uses natural ingredients, and best of all wants to inspire your beauty routine through art.  Not only is their packaging beautiful but the product is ever so gentle on your hair.  I have been trying these products for a couple of weeks now and had to share my results with you!

She’s like the Wind- Invisible dry Shampoo and Conditioner: I was pleasantly surprised to not find this product was not a liquid.  With a pump, a soft powder came out.  I spread it on my roots like I typically do when it comes to a dry shampoo.  I did find it sucked up some of that oily moisture I get yet it was not as strong as others I have used.  However, I loved that it did not leave my hair with that gritty feeling other dry shampoos do.  Rather my hair was silky smooth.

Rhythm of the Rain- Hair Masque & Scalp Detox: This product left my hair feeling oh-so-smooth!  I love a good detox or hair masque and really this was the perfect two in one.  The amount of product I had to use for the results was very little as well–a little goes a long way.  I’m sure this product will be a long lasting one.

Voir is definitely a new brand to try and why not now! Save 15% off all products until July 26 with code SAREBELLAMY15. I can’t wait to add more of their products to my hair care routine!


My Skincare Journey

June 29, 2017

Today I’m talking skincare — the ever evolving process (sorry in advance, but this post is a bit of a long one!). You can’t continually buy one single product or do just one treatment for your entire life and find you are completely satisfied with the results.  Why? Because our skin is ever evolving; it changes with age, hormones, diet, etc.

Over the past few years I have noticed my skin change the most.  One thing that has become more evident are signs of aging.  No longer being in my early 20’s, fine lines are starting to set in, discoloration is more evident and my under eye bags are more prominent.  Because my skin is changing, so is my routine.  The staff at Nu Image have been so helpful in this process.  They sat down and talked with me about these changes and helped me make strides towards results I’m aiming to achieve.

Nu Image has provided me with a skincare routine fitted to my skin type as well as helpful education.  Example being, I learned the importance of a scrub, no matter your skin type.  I always used to think because my skin was on the dryer side that using a scrub would only dry it out more.  Turns out, the right scrub can really help you achieve glowing results.  The scrub I use is by Zo Skin Health and I could not be more pleased with it!

But there are some things that my daily skincare routine could not help me achieve–getting rid of developing fine lines.  After talking with knowledgeable staff at Nu Image, we decided the best route moving forward was Botox.  And don’t get me wrong, I was a little hesitant and terrified of the word Botox, envisioning my face being frozen in one place.  However, after meeting with Dr. Suri, he was able to reassure me that Botox can help you get rid of fine lines but also leave you with some really natural results.  I received Botox on both my forehead and crows-feet.  He was able to walk me through each step of the process.  This allowed me to really customize the results to exactly what I was looking for.  And, he was right, after a few days I was left with super natural results.  I find my forehead appears a lot smoother and my eyes more wide taking of some of those aging pieces that were bothering me.

I’m so pleased with the developing results of both my skincare routine and Botox.  I look forward to carrying on my journey with Nu Image to achieve results I’m completely satisfied with.