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October 9, 2018

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays.  It is always a great reminder of just how thankful I am for the amazing relationships I have with my family and friends. This year I had the pleasure to host my very first Friendsgiving! What could be more fun then friends and food?

It was such a great little afternoon of all my favourite Thanksgiving things. But there was a twist, I decided to do things a little differently then a typical Thanksgiving feast. Instead of spending hours in the kitchen preparing a feast, I decided to order in from Edo Japan. There were so many options to choose from which made keeping everyone happy pretty simple. We ordered everything from spring rolls to sushi to one of my personal favourites, Teriyaki Chicken.  The food went over as an absolute success. And best of all, I really appreciated that no moment was spent away from my friends preparing food!





This is a partnership with Edo Japan, all opinions are my own.

High Tea at Hotel SK

May 2, 2018

Pedicures, patio cocktails and watching chick flicks are some of my favourite ways to spend a girls night. But when life gets busy, quality time with the girls isn’t so easy to come by. So when the time presents itself, it’s fun to try something new. One thing I’ve been dying to try with the girls is high tea. Dressing up, snacking on tasty treats and having some quality time together sounds like the perfect afternoon.

When the opportunity was presented to have high tea at Hotel SK, I jumped at it. And let me tell you, we had the most amazing time! Between the stunning decor, picturesque treats & darling fine china, it truly felt like we were living like royals. (I swear I still dream of those fresh made scones on the regular…so tasty!) Having the time to spend with the girls, away for life’s distraction is rare–I’m so glad we could do that here. What does your perfect girls day consist of?


My Whole 30 Experience

April 3, 2018

In just 30 days, Whole 30 promises to not only leave you with a refreshed palette but also a new way to think about what you eat. The simple steps? Cutting out dairy, grains, sugar and alcohol.

Back in February Kyle and I did Whole 30. And although the experience was no easy feat, I did learn a few valuable things along the way.

Going cold turkey on your regular eating routine is not as easy as it may sound.  For the first few days I felt great–I had lots of people encouraging me and the change of food did not phase me.  However by the end of the week, all of my meals started to seem as though they were tasteless. I was ready to give up. Pushing forward into the next week, Kyle and I found new recipes and adapted our current favourite recipes to better suit our tasting.  After that, things started to get a bit simpler.  But one thing that was key to the continuing of the process was to never leave the house without snacks.

You never know when a random craving will set it.  And it is not so easy to sneak off for lunch to just pick something up when you need to read every ingredient that is in your meal.  I know, it sounds a tad bit hard core but it was all part of the process.  Some of my favourite snacks include: dried apricots, almonds and blueberry bowls (a combination of blueberries, coconut cream and cinnamon).

Going into Whole 30, I knew I needed a reset in my diet.  It was after the holidays and all I’d eaten for the past couple months was what I want whenever I want.  My mood was more sluggish and I could see my diet reflecting in my everyday. After 30 days of eating whole foods, I could see a dramatic boost in my energy.  The continual bloating I always had was gone.  But now that I could eat whatever I wanted again, what were going to be the next steps? Was I going to throw away this progress?

Having Kyle as my support was so key at this point.  We decided together that we would make a plan moving forward that with our eating habits, we’d eat what was good for our bodies.  That doesn’t mean we now don’t have a glass of wine on weekends or indulge in a dessert on birthdays. This just means we do things in moderation.  After Whole 30 was complete, we slowly started to introduce things back into our diet.  We found out what made us feel good and what left us feeling not so good.

I would recommend doing Whole 30 for anyone that is looking for a restart in their diet.  Some key things I would suggest are 1) finding someone you can do it with/be your support when you are ready to quit, 2) do it for the right reasons and 3) plan your meals ahead. Whole 30 is not a diet to drop a bunch of pounds, its a change in your eating mindset.

If you have any further questions about my Whole 30 process, please feel free to leave a comment below or email me.