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Tie the Knot Tuesday: Our Engagement Party

November 7, 2017

A couple of weeks ago, Kyle and I were able to celebrate our engagement (only 10.5 months late).  The fact of the matter was Kyle and I got engaged in December, a month that was already so packed with birthday and holiday celebrations.  So we left the celebrating until later.  This crisp evening in October was the perfect time.  We gathered our closest friends and family in the Royal Suite at Hotel SK.  A suite that I had only dreamed of stepping foot in one day, I was able to celebrate in.  And of course, we and our guest dressed to the royal occasion.  But lets be honest, who doesn’t love dressing up?

Prior to the party, I had a blast decorating with my friends for the party–sparkly banners, balloons, pretty flowers and a polaroid station were all included.  It was so nice to personalize the space to our preferences.  Although, I must say, with a space so intricate and beautiful, it didn’t take much. The suite, which is probably double the size of my house, filled up quickly with our loved ones.  Later into the evening we had a signature cocktail brought in for our guests.  It was the perfect addition to the classy affair.

It was such a perfect evening and one step closer to our wedding.  It’s hard to believe how quickly time is flying by.  I can’t wait to marry the man of my dreams!


Creative Kids Fundraiser

October 12, 2017

So my 1920’s inspired outfit, with a bit of a Sare City twist, is by no means a Halloween costume but rather for a great cause, Creative Kids.  Creative Kids is an amazing organization that helps to provide funding for children throughout Saskatchewan participate in creative activities.  When Creative Kids reached out to me to spread the word about their event, I was super excited!  I grew up thriving through creative activities and that’s what built my career.  I couldn’t think of a great organization to support!

On Saturday, October 21 at 8PM, Creative Kids is hosting a fundraising event called Vintage: A Speakeasy.  Like Speakeasy’s of the past, the event will be held at a secret location with a theme that is a blast from the past, the 1920’s.  The evening will be full of  dancing, music, entertainment, prohibition cocktails and best of all, it all goes towards an amazing cause.  Tickets are $40 (which you can purchase here).  And a big thank you to SaskCulture as 100% of donations will go directly to supporting children and youth.


Tie the Knot Tuesday: How I Asked my Bridesmaids

October 3, 2017

Even before Kyle and I got engaged, I dreamed about how one day I would ask my 5 best friends to stand next to me on my wedding day.  I always knew I wanted to gift my girls something sweet and personal.  When the time came to get these bridesmaid gifts ready, it was a bit of a struggle.  I purchased multiple things (and returned multiple things) just to find the perfect gifts.  Because my girlfriends also live all across Canada, and I was not certain on when I would see them next, I knew these gifts would have to be mail friendly (don’t ask how a glass and champagne fit into the ‘mail friendly’ category).

For the gifts, I chose to include a tiny bottle of bubbly, a pretty gold foil glass to enjoy with, a personalized handwritten card and a day planner with our wedding date written in each.  The champagne and glass were purely for fun…I mean who doesn’t want to pop bubbly after an exciting announcement like that?  I’m a huge keener on handwritten cards so this had to be included in this special gift.  And for the personal element, what better way to share my love of planning than with a day planner?!  I enjoyed how it all came together so perfectly and loved sharing these gifts with each of my bridesmaids.

By pure luck, in a couple months span, many without planning more than 24 hours in advance, I was able to travel to (or for some, they travelled to me) to each one of my girls to present their gifts.  It was such a special moment watching each of them open the box and read the personalized card.  And holy smokes was I nervous to find the perfect time to share their gifts with them!  Now I can only imagine how Kyle felt when he proposed!  However, tears were shed, hugs were given and so much joy was shared!  I’m so excited to have each of my girls next to me as I say I do to the man of my dreams.

Kyle and I also decided to do something a little less conventional, we chose to have a wedding party and not have specific roles for people.  This meaning, we do not have a best man or maid of honour. Kyle and I both share such close relationships with each of our friends.  We love them all the same.