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Tie the Knot Tuesday: How I Asked my Bridesmaids

October 3, 2017

Even before Kyle and I got engaged, I dreamed about how one day I would ask my 5 best friends to stand next to me on my wedding day.  I always knew I wanted to gift my girls something sweet and personal.  When the time came to get these bridesmaid gifts ready, it was a bit of a struggle.  I purchased multiple things (and returned multiple things) just to find the perfect gifts.  Because my girlfriends also live all across Canada, and I was not certain on when I would see them next, I knew these gifts would have to be mail friendly (don’t ask how a glass and champagne fit into the ‘mail friendly’ category).

For the gifts, I chose to include a tiny bottle of bubbly, a pretty gold foil glass to enjoy with, a personalized handwritten card and a day planner with our wedding date written in each.  The champagne and glass were purely for fun…I mean who doesn’t want to pop bubbly after an exciting announcement like that?  I’m a huge keener on handwritten cards so this had to be included in this special gift.  And for the personal element, what better way to share my love of planning than with a day planner?!  I enjoyed how it all came together so perfectly and loved sharing these gifts with each of my bridesmaids.

By pure luck, in a couple months span, many without planning more than 24 hours in advance, I was able to travel to (or for some, they travelled to me) to each one of my girls to present their gifts.  It was such a special moment watching each of them open the box and read the personalized card.  And holy smokes was I nervous to find the perfect time to share their gifts with them!  Now I can only imagine how Kyle felt when he proposed!  However, tears were shed, hugs were given and so much joy was shared!  I’m so excited to have each of my girls next to me as I say I do to the man of my dreams.

Kyle and I also decided to do something a little less conventional, we chose to have a wedding party and not have specific roles for people.  This meaning, we do not have a best man or maid of honour. Kyle and I both share such close relationships with each of our friends.  We love them all the same.


Tie the Knot Tuesday: Mother-Daughter Wedding Planning & Staycation

September 5, 2017

My mom and I are very close.  She has seen me through many major phases in my life; we have travelled the world together, and we have been shopping buddies since the week I left the hospital after being born.  Like many big decisions in my life, planning something so enormous as my wedding day would not be complete without a little help from my mom.  However, finding the time to sit down with my mom to work on the planning has proven difficult in the chaos of our busy schedules.  That’s when I thought this might be there perfect excuse for us to plan a staycation.  A staycation involves very little preplanning and it’s the perfect escape from the craziness of our busy schedules.  Where better than to stay at the place I will celebrate my wedding day, Hotel Saskatchewan.

My mom and I were both pleasantly surprised to find out that Hotel SK is also pet friendly.  It was a no brainer that we bring out beloved puppies Leo & Teddy along for the getaway.  The pups made themselves right at home in the suite playing games of fetch, eating from the tasty snacks the hotel left for them and cozying up right next to my mom and I while we chit chatted and discuss wedding plans over wine.

Up until now, I had been throwing around so many ideas for the wedding–from decor to wardrobe to the atmosphere when you walk in the venue.  My mom and I were able to sit down, with a glass of wine in hand, and go through magazines, my Pinterest board and and my wedding planning books.  My mom was able to help me narrow down my choices and make some of those bigger decisions.  We were able to choose a colour palette, pick a feel for the day, find bridesmaid dress inspiration that fit perfectly with my dress, choose flower arrangements and discuss neat accents that would make the wedding day so unique.  Leaving our staycation, I felt as though I finally had a handle on what the day would look like.

For both dinner the night we arrived and breakfast the following day, my mom and I were able to cozy up in the restaurants right in the hotel.  It was nice to take a break from all the planning and enjoy some tasty eats!  And let me tell you, there was not a thing we ate or drank that wasn’t perfect

Between our glamorous suite and the amazing food in the hotel restaurants,  our staycation at Hotel SK made for the perfect mother-daughter getaway and a great time to escape our busy lives to plan my dream day!


Tie the Knot Tuesday: Our Engagement Photos

August 1, 2017

I’m so excited to officially launch the first of my wedding series, Tie the Knot Tuesday!  For the next year, on the first Tuesday of every month, I will be writing a blog post related to our wedding planning process.  Whether it’s about creating a colour scheme, our engagement party or simply hurdles in the planning process, I’ll be filling you in on our experience. I can’t wait to share our journey to the alter with you!

To kick off the series, I wanted to share some of our engagement photos.  If you follow me on Instagram it’s likely you’ve seen a few of these on your feed.  But I’ve been getting so many questions about them, I knew I had to share more than just a couple.

One of my top priorities for our wedding is finding a photographer who can capture our precious moments together on the big day.  And finding that person to capture the engagement phase in our life is just as important.  When Kyle and I spontaneously booked a trip to Kelowna a few weeks ago, we knew we wanted to celebrate our love in that special city.  It was a no brainer to shoot our engagement photos there.  I knew I wanted to have the moment captured at golden hour in the mountains.  I was lucky enough to find such a lovely photographer who really went beyond with my vision.  It was such a pleasure to work with Ashley Godin.  I had been following Ashley on Instagram for awhile so I really fell in love with her work.  She truly captured a true sense of Kyle and I–a lot of love and a little goofy.