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Road Trip Must Haves

August 5, 2016


I’m so excited that my holidays have begun!  Kyle and I are headed on a road trip to the west coast as we speak.  We are starting our vacation in Fernie for my girlfriend’s weddings (stay tuned on Instagram for pictures of our super glam bridesmaid dresses).  Our next stop after that will be Kelowna.  I’m anxious to take Kyle there as he has never been and I spent so much time there growing up at my grandparents house.  It is such a beautiful city filled pretty beaches and a ton of tasty wineries…what more could you ask for?!  Lastly, we will make our way to Vancouver to visit one of my girlfriends on her birthday.  Kyle and I are also running the Seawheeze half marathon (eeeek) while we are there!  I grew up in a household of marathoners so hopefully my family running genes kick in.

But like any vacation, kicking it off would not be complete without a list of essentials.  Besides dressing comfortably, I believe there are essentials one can have in their vehicle with them to make the travel not only more comfortable but also more enjoyable.  These are my top 6 road trip must haves:

  1. Great Company: If you are doing a long drive, being by yourself can be extremely boring and somewhat dangerous if you aren’t stopping to take many breaks.  I think it’s important to have a driving buddy who you can not only have a great conversation but also someone who can switch off with driving when you’ve had enough.
  2. Snacks: A fully stocked cooler of healthy snacks and water is essential.  This way you aren’t filling up on pit stop junk food and it cuts stop times in half. Best of all, your healthy packed cooler will leave you feeling great during the drive!
  3. Pillows and Blankets: When you need a nap or the a/c gets too cool, bundling up is a must.
  4. Road Trip Playlist:  As much as I’d love to say burn a cd packed with tunes for the road, I’m not exactly sure if I’d still be capable of doing that/not sure technology would be either  (did I  just date myself….oops.)  But be sure to make a playlist on your phone which you can flip through throughout the hours of driving.  There’s nothing quite like some great sing along songs to make the hours fly by.
  5. A Large Tote: Just like you would when flying, a large tote you have easy access to during your travels is a must!  Pack it filled with magazines, books, hand sanitizer, a wallet, sunglasses, a backup phone charger, lip chap and so on.  It’s the worst when you are driving and need something from your suitcase which is out of reach.  Having a tote filled with all of the basic necessities will help you avoid that dilemma.

What is on your list of road trip must haves?





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Versatile Black and White Attire

June 17, 2016

photo27photo30photo29photo26 photo24 photo23 photo22 photo20photo31 photo21

I’ve been living in white denim this spring/summer!  This pair specifically is super comfy as they have a lot of stretch to them; paired with this black top, they make the perfect combo.  I adore the detailing on the edge of this top.  What can I say though, really anything fringe or tasseled always has my attention.  I wore this outfit while in Toronto for dinner and added flats and a sweater to it for the travel home.

Speaking of travel, while I was away, I was on a mission to find myself a great travel bag.  I wanted something big enough to carry all of my carry on items while still being fairly light.  Sometimes something as simple as a leather lining can make a bag feel heavy prior to even having anything in it, which is obviously not ideal for travel.  So after some research, I made a bit of splurge for the Louis Vuttion Neverfull and I’m so glad I did!  It’s lightweight so I can pretty much bring everything with me but the kitchen sink and carry it comfortably.  Oh and the best part, it folds up to make it a smaller everyday bag!  If you are not ready to make the splurge, I have linked a great option for a more inexpensive travel bag below.  Where are your weekend travels taking you?





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Neutral Light Layers

June 14, 2016

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I’ve had such a blast spending the past few days in Toronto!  Between shopping, my convocation, dining at a variety of tasty restaurants and visiting with friends, my time here has flown by.  I brought pieces with me on my trip to Toronto that were versatile and comfortable.  Due to the cooler than expected weather, I decided to layer this summer dress with a white long sleeve.  Layering a long sleeve top under a tank top or dress is the perfect way to keep warm and look stylish.  And I like that it is a change from throwing on a cardigan.  What are your thoughts on neutral light layers in the warmer months?





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