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Getting Ready with my Bridesmaids

September 27, 2018

What a magical day our wedding day was! I have never felt so completely loved like I did on that day. Having all of your loved ones travel in from near and far to celebrate with you is truly the greatest feeling. If I could select a few moments that were highlights on the day, the morning spent getting ready with my very best friends, my bridesmaids, would be one of them.

Having lived in 3 different provinces since high school has allowed me to make so many new friends. With that I have formed some very close bonds that no distance could ever diminish, hence why 4 of my 5 bridesmaids had to travel in from different cities and even countries to be a part of my special day. I don’t think there ever was a time that I’ve had all 5 of them in the room together so having them there for my wedding day was so special.

We spent the morning getting ready at my mom’s house. It was so nice to have an amazing hair and makeup team come to her place to pamper us in the morning. Being at the home I had spent time growing up in made the start to the day very relaxed. Between hair and makeup, I loved being able to hang out with my bridesmaids, share lots of laughs, some bubbly and of course so puppy snuggles. I felt completely calm, even leading up to Kyle and I’s first look, which took place in my mom’s backyard. Because any wedding day is full of so many emotions, I think getting it started right is so important.

I wanted to gift my bridesmaids something special on the wedding day that they would be able to wear and feel amazing in. I was so happy to have partnered with Canadian owned, BridesMade, to dress my girls in pretty pink robes. I was very happy with the wide range of options there was to choose from, from fit to colour to print. Best of all, I really loved that we were comfortable in our robes but also felt put together before even having our dresses on.





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Tie the Knot Tuesday: Not Your Typical Bridesmaid Dresses

December 4, 2017

One very important detail that is not to be overlooked in your wedding planning is what your bridesmaids will wear.  But if you are like me and aren’t exactly into the matchy-matchy, bridesmaid dresses can take a slight bit more coordination (especially if your bridesmaids are split up across the country).  I’ve combined a few tips I’ve learned along the way to putting together a not so typical bridesmaid dress look.

1. Coordinate Colour: Pick various tones of one colour and coordinate your dresses around that.  Just be sure the tones compliment each other.

2. Pick a Theme: Sometimes to coordinate, all it takes is a theme to pull it together.  For example, a bohemian vibe creates an overall feel to pull the combination of dresses together.

3. All the Same Length: Keeping hemlines the same creates a cohesive feel.

4. Choose the Same Designer: Often, designers create collections that already piece together nicely.  Choose a few dresses from one designer and most of the work is already done for you.

5. Communicate: This step is key! If you can’t get all your bridesmaids together as a group to pick their dresses, make sure you are in communication with them before any decisions are made.  Get your bridesmaids to send you photos of their dress options in natural light (that way it remains fairly realistic and consistent across all images). Put these photos into a grid as it allows you get an idea of what the dresses will look like put together.





All images via Pinterest.

Tie the Knot Tuesday: Our Engagement Party

November 7, 2017

A couple of weeks ago, Kyle and I were able to celebrate our engagement (only 10.5 months late).  The fact of the matter was Kyle and I got engaged in December, a month that was already so packed with birthday and holiday celebrations.  So we left the celebrating until later.  This crisp evening in October was the perfect time.  We gathered our closest friends and family in the Royal Suite at Hotel SK.  A suite that I had only dreamed of stepping foot in one day, I was able to celebrate in.  And of course, we and our guest dressed to the royal occasion.  But lets be honest, who doesn’t love dressing up?

Prior to the party, I had a blast decorating with my friends for the party–sparkly banners, balloons, pretty flowers and a polaroid station were all included.  It was so nice to personalize the space to our preferences.  Although, I must say, with a space so intricate and beautiful, it didn’t take much. The suite, which is probably double the size of my house, filled up quickly with our loved ones.  Later into the evening we had a signature cocktail brought in for our guests.  It was the perfect addition to the classy affair.

It was such a perfect evening and one step closer to our wedding.  It’s hard to believe how quickly time is flying by.  I can’t wait to marry the man of my dreams!